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Originating in the darkest woods of North Idaho, Cliff the MadMadViking brings a new twist to modern problems combining a dose of Redneck ingenuity and modern solutions for modern problems. From cooking to camping and travel, Cliff is here, there and everywhere.

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  1. John
    July 14, 2022 @ 2:57 pm

    Yesterday a friend and I went fishing in the wind river mountain area near south pass Wyoming. There are lots of little creeks in that area full of small mountain trout that we were fishing .
    We decided to try Gold creek but when we got there, it was dry with no water in it so we turned around and was headed back to highway 28 . We had noticed some server sticks had been run out and drove into the ground all over in the area but never gave it much mind as its common. About 5 miles from getting back to the highway we found a place to pull to the edge of the road and have our lunch on the tailgate of my pickup, we had just about finished eating when we both caught scent of an odor r that had us thinking the other had passed wind, when we heard something just to the east of us, it sounded guttural and vocal but not in any language either of us had ever heard before. My friend said it almost sounded like someone from church speaking in tongues. About that time a server stick came flying out of the pine trees like a spear and hit the side of my pickup, and then a loud kind of high pitched yell but with so much force in it that it slammed into our soul like reverberating or something that I’ve never experienced nor my friend either. My friend grabbed my shovel and I grabbed at flare gun from my back seat as it is something I carry in bear country. We walked across the road and along the fence line and there along the tree line about 30 yards away was a creature that was covered in hair almost resembling a man in a ghulli suit but was about 9 feet tall and resembles what looked like a cross between a Neanderthal and an orangutan it had a high brow and was a redish brown color but had cream colored highlights it had man like arms and hands that were long to about its knees. We stared it out for about what seemed like an hour but was probably about a few seconds when it screamed again only louder this time and began to charge towards us, this thing was angry and all animal I pointed the flare gun , fired and stuck it in the left upper chest region with a flare , burning it and making it alter its charge and down over the ridge into the trees. We could hear it making a whimpered almost scolded child sound as it run down in there. We ran and got into the truck and took off. We did not stop until we got to the highway and we tried to see or hear it again but it was gone. We glasses the area for about 20 min in the area we had seen it run to but never seen it again. I asked my friend what that thing was and he said Bigfoot. I said if it wasn’t A Bigfoot it should be cause it sure looked like one from other peoples descriptions. I wanted to go back today and look for tracks as if got a bunch of plaster that I should use up but my friend will not go back with me. He is pretty freaked out and he is a woods man that is 76 years old and has never seen anything like that before and says he don’t want to ever again.
    I am pretty thrown off too but I think it it whimpers in pain it can be hunted and killed and if its a bigfoot, should be so they can put an end to this mystery hide and seek stuff on TV
    Anyway this is what happened to my friend and I on 07/13/2022 about 12:45 pm.


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