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One thing I like to do is get out and fish, I post all my fishing adventures, gear tips, productu reviews and other such fishing information over on Fishing PNW

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  • Bottom Fishing for Trout With Powerbait February 22, 2020
    Our essential guide to bottom fishing for trout with powerbait in lakes in ponds. Included is what gear to use, where to fish and what baits to start with. The post Bottom Fishing for Trout With Powerbait appeared first on PNW Fishing.
  • Tying the cluster of maggots fly February 19, 2020
    This post is inspired by a whole bunch of photos of this fly that are linked to completely random articles on Pinterest. Yeah, I know, WTF am I doing on Pinterest? There is some good stuff on there, once you sift through the junk. In this case it is a pretty cool looking fly that […]
  • Pink Salmon Fishing In Puget Sound August 17, 2019
    Every other year, a salmon returns to Puget Sound that is easy enough to catch that even the least experienced angler will be able to put fish in the bucket. Pink Salmon fishing in Puget Sound is fun and easy. This article will go over pretty much everything you need to know about hooking Humpies […]


I love to travel and go places. Over on 10 Toes Travel I post all about the places I go, tips on traveling and travel gear reviews. 

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  • Weekend Road Trip Essentials Checklist February 7, 2021
    It is time to get out on the road and go have some fun. If you are new to road tripping, the big question, beyond where are you going, is what all to bring with you. With that in mind, I’ve put together this weekend road trip essentials checklist. I’ve refined this list on my […]
  • 15 Hiking memes that will make you laugh November 3, 2020
    You love hiking. I love hiking. We all love hiking. But you know what we love when we aren’t hiking? Hiking memes! I cleaned out the files and pulled out my 15 best hiking memes that will make you laugh. Two days into your backpacking trip meme Admit it, you have experienced this hiking meme. […]
  • What is the best camping sleeping pad for front sleepers? October 21, 2020
    As a big guy that sleeps on his front and loves to camp, I’m well aware that finding a sleeping pad that is comfortable for stomach sleepers can be a challenge. After some research, here is what I learned from other campers that share this problem of being comfortable at night sleeping on something other […]