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One thing I like to do is get out and fish, I post all my fishing adventures, gear tips, productu reviews and other such fishing information over on Fishing PNW

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  • Trolling for rainbow trout using a dodger January 18, 2019
    One powerful technique is trolling for rainbow trout with a dodger. This is a technique that is a lock to put more fish in your bucket. The post Trolling for rainbow trout using a dodger appeared first on PNW Fishing.
  • Top 5 Trout Lures for Trolling Lowland Lakes January 15, 2019
    Catch bigger trout and more of them with these lures In some of my previous posts, I have mentioned that in the Fall I like to troll the lowland lakes for trout.  This always raises a few eyebrows, but trolling lowland lakes for trout can be very productive this time of year.  If you are […]
  • 7 DIY Boats you have to see to believe January 2, 2019
    What does a redneck do when they want to get out on the water but don't have a boat? They build one! These DIY boats will have you shaking your head. The post 7 DIY Boats you have to see to believe appeared first on PNW Fishing.


I love to travel and go places. Over on 10 Toes Travel I post all about the places I go, tips on traveling and travel gear reviews. 

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  • Deception Pass Hiking March 8, 2019
    Deception PassHiking in and around Deception Pass Deception Pass hiking offers a wide variety of trails and views that will wow everyone in the family. The trails can occasionally be tricky, but no trail in the Deception Pass area is rated more than moderate by AllTrails.  Particularly the hikes along the beaches and bluffs offer […]
  • 10 Washington state suspension bridge hikes for 2019 January 9, 2019
    Not everyone is a fan of heights, especially when those heights involve standing on a swaying, wobbly suspension bridge. For some people, like myself, it is an amazing experience. To that end, I’ve put together a list of the 10 Washington state suspension bridge hikes that I want to do in 2019. These are all […]
  • Dungeness Spit Camping at the Dungeness Recreation Area October 16, 2018
    Easy access Dungeness Spit camping Why not check out the Dungeness Spit camping? The Adventure Van is slowly crawling towards being fully functional and it seemed like a good idea to take it somewhere not too crazy.  Being just shy of 3 hours away, including a ferry ride, it made for a reasonable choice. The dogs […]


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