XXL and XXXL outdoor shirts for men

As a big guy, finding outdoor shirts that are big enough, is a real issue. If I go into an outdoor store, even like REI, they aren’t likely to have many shirts in the XXL or XXL range. Sometimes they do, but most of the time you have to order shirts. Even looking online, there are lots of outdoor clothing companies, but most stop at XL in their sizing.

In picking outdoor shirts, my main criteria is that they are durable, wear well and launder nicely after being abused.

Here are the shirts I’ve found that I’ve either bought and own or are on my potential list to purchase.

Quick note – some of these links are affiliate links and I might make a small commission if you purchase something from them.

XXL & XXXL Bimini Bay Outfitters Men’s Bimini Flats IV Long Sleeve Shirt

Bimini Bay XXL and XXXL men's fishing shirt

This is quite literally my go-to shirt when I go fishing. Mine is an older version, it is ~10 years old, but it has literally been through hell. I’ve worn it doing everything from wading in rivers to sweating it out in the summer heat on the boat. It has literally been soaked in sweat, blood, bait, and all sorts of dirt. It has yet to get a stain. I keep expecting it to come out of the wash with something on it. But so far, nothing.

As for sizing, I’m 6’4″ and ~#285 and my XXL is probably a little short in the arms, but plenty big around. This is a common problem for me. Plenty of room in the shoulders though.

Bimini Bay Fishing Shirts on Amazon

Men’s ALL-PACA™ XXL Shirts

Men's XXL alpaca outdoor shirts

This is a new shirt for me, but I’m loving it. They sent this and a beanie to try out and so far, I can’t say how much I love both of them.

I would definitely prefer it if they made an XXXL version, but the XXL ALL-PACA™ men’s shirt fits me really nice. There aren’t adequate words to describe how soft alpaca fibers are. If you are thinking wool is itchy, this is exactly the opposite.

Men’s XXL Alpaca Outdoor Shirt

Men’s Plus Size Under Armour Shirts

Men's XXL and XXXL Under Armour outdoor shirts

This is a shirt that I don’t have, but I do own several Under Armour shirts for working out and running in. Their shirts tend to not be inexpensive, but I’ve yet to find the quality to be anything less than top-notch.

Whether you are looking for a button-up shirt, a short-sleeve running shirt or a long sleeve cold-weather gear, you can’t wrong with Under Armour. As plus-size men’s outdoor shirts go, they are not prissy and can take a good deal of abuse. I’ve also noticed they are resistant to that gym funk that often happens to gear you sweat in.

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Men’s Patagonia XXL and XXXL Shirts

Moving into the premium outdoor shirts, we get to the Patagonia line of men’s outdoor shirts. I like Patagonia because unlike most high-end clothing companies, they actually do have a decent selection of XXL and XXXL shirts available.

Do note that not all their styles come in XXL and XXXL sizes, but quite a few do.

Shop Men’s XXL and XXXL Patagonia Shirts

Columbia Men’s Outdoor Shirts

I don’t currently own any men’s Columbia shirts, but I’ve had plus size buddies that have and the big advantage for them is that they have shirts ranging up to as large as 5XL

Much like the Patagonia shirts, these are high-quality shirts that put up with a fair amount of abuse, launder well and are resistant to wrinkling.

Shop Men’s Columbia Shirts on Amazon

Poncho XXXL Outdoor Shirts

I think for any outdoor adventure, you need at least one flannel shirt-jacket. I’ve got a couple of flannels and they make a great way to layer up on days when it is cold enough to need a jacket, but not cold enough for a full-on coat.

Again, I like a brand that knows its clients and makes shirts up to not just XXL but at least some XXXL styles as well. As a bonus, Poncho makes regular and slim fit so if you are tall and thinner, you don’t have to have to wear a tent to get the size you need.

Poncho Men’s Plus Size Shirts