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2018 Adventures For The MadMadViking

2017 Gasps It’s Last Breaths

It is the end of 2017 and time for and update to the upcoming events!

This year has been very busy with getting my first Spartan Trifecta, doing the Beat the Blerch half marathon, a trip to Hawaii to see my oldest daughter and my grandson.  Time flies!

But now it is time to plan the 2018 adventure schedule!!!

I’m still looking for a kick ass New Years party in Seattle, so if you are putting one on shoot me an invite.  If it is really cool, I’ll show up!

2018 – New Adventures And Some Repeats

I’ve been building this list for a while and there is no way I can get to them all

2018 Strange Brew Fest In Port Townsend Right off the top of my head the first adventure for 2018 is going to be the Strange Brew Fest in Port Townsend.  We hit both nights of that in 2016 and it was a fabulous time but missed it in 2017 due to schedule conflicts.  It was a cold, but fabulous time with a dazzling array of interesting but generally horrible, horrible beer.

A perennial goal has been getting to  the McMinnville UFO festival.  If you aren’t aware, I have a love for the paranormal.  In fact you can check out my site about paranormal happenings at  Things always seem to conflict with this one, but it is definitely on the list to do

From what I hear, most UFO conferences are semi-serious affairs, but the one in McMinnville is a big party with some serious thrown in for good measure.

Run You Mad Viking Run!

There of course will be lots of races and runs.  I’m currently debating the Spartan Races that I want to do. Having hit my goal last year of getting my Trifecta I’m debating whether to do it again, try for a double or just take the year off, train and do other adventures. Lets be honest, there are only so many weeks in the year.  That is still a bit up in the air.

Beat the Blerch 2016

Honestly any run with a medal for my wall is fair game, maybe the Hot Chocolate Half Marathon, but definitely more trail runs. I am definitely not a fan of road running, bores the crap out of me.


Up That Mountain (And Back Again)


My biggest hike in 2017 wasn’t that huge, just a trip up Mailbox Peak. Not the roughest of adventures but it was at least one summit for the year.  If you want to know more about that one, check out the video of my trip up Mailbox peak. 

View from the trail to Mailbox Peak
View from along the trail to the top of Mailbox Peak

Trying to plan 2018 is a hard one for me. Definitely want more time in the woods, and more overnight/weekend trips.   Big one for the fall and my longest by far, is going to be a thru hike of the Olympics. Still haven’t rounded up crew to go do it with me, but I’m working on that. Most of my friends give me that “you’re crazy, have a nice time with that” look when I mention it.  My target trail right now is the Press Expedition trail, which should be about 5 days out in the middle of nowhere.

Who wants to go?

2018 Adventures By Month

Not likely going to get to all of these, but they are on my radar.


  • Strange Brewfest In Port Townsend


  • Nothing Yet


  • Penn Cove Mussel Fest
  • Burbon and Bacon Fest
  • Seattle Scotch & Beer Fest


  • Long Beach Razor Clam Fest
  • Bacon & Beer Classic


  • Seattle Pierogi Fest
  • Poulsbo Viking Fest
  • Color Run (need a team)


  • Marysville Strawberry Fest
  • WA Brewers Fest
  • Western Washington Garlic Fest
  • Fremont Solstice Fair
  • Dirty Dash (maybe)
  • Brass Screw Conference


  • Bubble Run
  • Sumner Rhubarb Fest
  • Fairhaven Steampunk Fest
  • Coffee Con
  • PNW Scottish Games


  • Color Run
  • Everett Craft Beer Fest

September (oh god, September)

  • Hood Canal Highland Games
  • Cider Summit NW
  • NW Tequila Fest
  • Seattle Bacon, Eggs, Kegs
  • Dirtybird BBQ
  • Oktoberfest(s)
  • Great Pumpkin Beer Fest
  • Long Beach Wild Mushroom Fest


  • WA Oysterfest
  • Troll O’Ween
  • Halloween of course!


  • None yet but I’m pondering doing a Spartan in Greece.


  • Christmas of course
  • New Years Party

Suggest Some Adventures For Me

Have any suggestions for adventures?  Leave me a comment.  Want us to drop in and visit your place or your festival, you know what to do!