Announcing My 75 Day Challenge To Myself

Can 75 Days Change Your Life?

Nothing says “I’m committing to this goal” like making sure everyone knows you are doing it. Upping the ante to epic stakes really puts the pressure on, which is what I’m doing with this personal 75 Day Challenge.  Quite honestly I’m terrified to announce it because once I do, I can never take it back.

My challenge to myself is to purchase in 75 days (by May 15th) one smaller multifamily rental property.  Something in the 8-12 unit range.  In this endeavor I’m starting at pretty much square one. No big reserve of capital, no network of investors, no properties picked out. Just ignoring all the voices in my head that say “STOP” and going for it.

My Long Term Goal

For a very long time, I’ve had the goal of owning 1000 rental units, spread across multiple properties.   This would allow me much more free time to pursue the things I truly love in life. But like most goals, it has been scary enough to start that I’ve procrastinated for far, far too long. That time is over. Today, I take up the attack.

I do hope that you will follow along as I take this journey.  The best place to follow it will be on YouTube where I’ll be posting videos and on Bigger Pockets where you will find more detailed blog posts about what, where, when, why and how  I’m doing what I’m doing.